Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Hi All

I would like to wish everyone a really Happy New Year. I feel incredibly privileged to be in the position I am in, its an honour.

As I am sure you are aware, we are coming to the end of our centenary celebrations for Women in British Police and there have been some wonderful presentations and events around the country where the undeniable efforts of women officers past and present have been celebrated.

It is now 'onward and upward' and we need to grasp the momentum and continue to drive towards the future, both for the UK and abroad where women's status within policing is less secure and harder fought.

In the UK, and personally speaking, I have found (in my almost 27yrs ) that the time that I was most successful was when I was most determined. I believed in my own abilities and as I looked around at those in the positions and ranks I wanted to fulfil, I knew that I could at least be as good or in most cases better than them. This isn't arrogance, but confidence. I can honestly say that I have never achieved anything on the back of anyone else's work and know that I have stayed true to my values.

Its important, as women police officers ascend up the ranks that they continue to look behind them and pave the way for the next generation of women officers who are also determined and committed to make that leap.

As a coach and a mentor, I take this position and responsibility very seriously. I provide time, space and opportunities to those who I feel have the resilience and skill to attempt to reach these goals. This is not a completely selfless act, anyone who is able to mentor or coach will know. Seeing the light going on and the officers realisation that their self perceived potential was far lower than they are actually capable of, is incredible.

If you don't do it already, try it. Mould the next generation, be an active part of the future of policing.

have a great year

with kindest wishes

Annita Clarke

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Welcome Annita Clarke

NEW IAWP Region 13 coordinator is Annita Clarke.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Just a note to say farewell as Region 13 coordinator. I've had a great time and got to know some of you when you came to conference or Board Meeting etc.  Its been great representing you all on the Board and at various events in Europe.  I hope my replacement, Annita, has as much fun as I have had.

Meanwhile a reminder to all UK members- the Motor Source Group offers amazing discounts on new and used cars as well as earning IAWP £100 for each sale!  I'm just buying a new Golf through them and they have been very helpful. I know others have used them and we all agree, you can't get cheaper than their offers.  TRUE!  Go to www, for more details. And don't forget to mention IAWP when you make your enquiry.

My very best wishes for your future and hope to see you if not in Cardiff, then Barcelona next year.

All the best.


Saturday, July 11, 2015

Summer 2015


I do apologise for not updating the blog for months, but as you know I am conference co-director for Cardiff  IAWP2015 training conference.  So I am more than a little busy.  Please forgive me for having my mind and time occupied with other issues.  However if you need something, please email me on

This will be my last blog as regional coordinator for region 13.  After 6 years I'm moving on.  I feel it is more appropriate that a serving officer should do the role and I've been retired 4 years now, so I'm getting out of touch with current Policing.  Its been a fantastic 6 years where I've represented IAWP in various conferences and  met some fantastic policewomen & support staff from all over the world as well as Europe.  Its certainly a role worth considering if you want to develop IAWP membership and have a passion for women in law enforcement.

My successor is Annita Clarke, 2013 IAWP Officer of the Year and a serving Inspector in Bedford, UK.  She will be at Cardiff and so take the time to meet her.  By the way there's still time to register if you haven't booked a place.  Over 500 policewomen from all over the world have registered already.  So if you've never been to an IAWP conference before, now's the time to come as it the first time in Europe for 10 years.  And here again next year in Barcelona.  Twice in two years - so no excuses!   I am staying with IAWP being the Recording Secretary for Board meetings for the next 3 years.  So still around and supporting Annita.

Meanwhile some news from the last 6 months.  The Early Board meeting took place in a very snowy Denver USA in February. Minutes are on the main IAWP website. A team went to New York for the UN's annual CSW women's conference to speak on human trafficking.  Featuring Jane Townsley and Patience Quaye from Ghana with others. 

I attended the annual awards Luncheon for British Association for Women in Police and met some extraordinary women.  I had the privilege of submitting all the winners to IAWP for their annual awards and know there will be some amazing women in Cardiff to be honoured for their outstanding performances.  Sorry - names are embargoed until conference.  But why not submit someone next time who you think is performing above average or has done something extra special?  We can always advise you how to fill in the forms and I know it works!

So I'm signing off now for the last time.  I wish you a long and happy career.  Enjoy it and keep up the IAWP membership so you are connected with some of the world's most fantastic policewomen.

Best Regards,

Julia Jaeger

Friday, December 26, 2014

Snapshots of Winnipeg 2014

Christmas Greetings from Region 13

Greetings to all region 13 members and other readers.  At the end of the year its time to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Especially as 2015 is so important for us as we host the centenary conference of IAWP in Cardiff from 23rd - 27th August 2015.  Have you registered yet?  You save yourself £50 by booking before January 1st 2015.  Don't worry if this is your first conference as you will soon get into the swing of it and enjoy making new friends as well as getting great training.  If you cannot afford to attend, how about applying for the Scholarship when that is advertised?  That pays all the expenses and registration fee for the recipient.  Several European officers have been that fortunate in the recent past.  Could it be you next time?   Don't forget if you have any ideas for training, please don't hesitate to get back to me as soon as possible as the training programme is nearly complete. 

It is also election year which you should have picked up from the latest magazine and IAWP Emails.  I'm not standing for Region 13 this time so its open for any of you to stand. The role involves attending Board meetings at your own expense (but we do understand if you cannot make a meeting), writing this blog, keeping in contact with members, contributing articles to the magazine, offering adivce to officers, members, Police Forces,etc that contact you for adivce.  Its a great opportunity to increase membership and your policing skills by contributing to the international Police famaily.   The only qualifications are that you are a current member of IAWP and have been for at least two years.  Plus attended one conference to date.  I am available to mentor you.  As is the 3rd Vice President, whoever that will be after the elections.  I am hoping to still be on the Board as I am running for Recording Secretary for Board meetings.  Please don't hesitate to contact me if you want information on the role or how to nominate yourself.

The Winnipeg conference was great fun and saw a good European contingent in attendance especially from Cardiff 2015 planning team. 
Will we see you in next year's conference photos?  Full details on the web site .

There were three British recipients of IAWP awards this year.  Congratulations to Inspector Hazel Brady, Northern Ireland for Commuity; Detective Constable Clare Cresswell, Warwickshire for Excellence in Performance and Police Community Support Officer Guinnie Mooneesawmy, London for Civilian Achievement.  So why are there British winners every year?  Because we enter every year.  Our nominations are all the winners from the British Association for Women in Policing annual awards.  Your country may not have an awards scheme, but you can nominate anyone who fits the critieria.  They do not have to be a member of IAWP.  Do you have an outstanding female colleague atwork? Why not nominate them?  The nominations will close towards the end of March 2015. Have a go this year and you never know what you might achieve. 

Talking of Britain, congratulations as they celebrate 100 years of British Policewomen in 2015.  This will be marked with an exhibition in Cardiff.  So when were the first policewomen appointed in your country?  IAWP will also hold an exhibition to mark their centenary.  Maybe you can contribute to it.  Further details will come out from the new Historian in the New Year via emails and the magazine.  Watch this space!

All thats left is for me to wish you and your family a very happy new year.  Keep up the good work in your stations and keep safe.

Best Regards,
Julia Jaeger

Region 13 Coordinator


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Summer Update 2014

Dear all

First of all, a great big welcome to new members for Region 13 including in no particular order: -  Charlotte Deans (UK), Guinnie Moonesawmy (UK), Jan Medcalf (UK), Jane Brookes (UK), Hazel Brady (Northern Ireland), Amanda Summerfield (UK), Carol Hayman (UK), Clare Cresswell (UK), Cornelius Sal (Netherlands), Karin Hemminger (Germany), Carolyn Davies (UK) and Suzie Frank (UK).  Welcome to the organisation and enjoy your membership.

I can hardly believe the summer is almost gone and Winnipeg 2014 is just around the corner.  A month today I shall be in Toronto with Myra James sightseeing and preparing to go to the late Board Meeting and Annual Conference.  Great fun as always.  I look forward to meeting as many members from Europe as possible at the Regional meeting as well as during conference.  Most of the time you can find me in or around the Cardiff 2015 stand in the exhibition hall. 

Since writing the last blog I have been part of the IAWP team at the Global Summit in London to tackle post conflict sexual violence.  Yes that's me behind Angelina on the cover of the latest magazine.  An awesome experience and a privilege to be part of it.  Always great to be out there representing the Association with colleagues from Albania, Bosnia, USA and Australia as well as the UK.  We met some amazing people including William Hague, Angelina Jolie, President Atifete from Kosovo, journalists and activists; ran a great seminar and workshop for teenagers and attended great seminars ourselves.  Here's hoping the future will change for victims in conflicts and that we can play our part by training Policewomen to deal with such cases and participate in peacekeeping missions with the UN, EU and others.

Now I'm getting ready for Cardiff with the planning team from South Wales Police.  We are currently working on the training programme - any suggestions?  Its your conference after all.  The hotels are reserved and details going on the website shortly.  All have been tested by Carolyn Williamson and I to make sure they are up to standard for you all.  The Motorpoint is booked for the conference and the St David's Hall for the opening ceremony.   Keep an eye on the website,, as it will be being updated regularly.  Register as soon as you can.  Prices rise on the 1st January and so to take advantage of the  lower rate, book it now before you forget.  After all its rarely in Europe and so a great opportunity to participate in an IAWP conference close to home.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to congratulate the new Region 14 co-coordinator May-Britt Rinaldo from Sweden and Co- coordinators for Region 15, Edlira Zoto and Enkeleda Toska from Albania.  Now I don't have to concern myself for the whole of Europe!   

I look forward to hearing from you all during the coming year.  I won't be standing for Region 13 again so it needs a new person to step up to the plate and take on the mantle - a smaller task than the one I took on 5 years ago.  Then there are the IAWP annual awards.  Every year I have submitted entries from the UK and seen British women winning annually, but I have yet to receive any entries from the rest of Europe.  Its not difficult and I can always help you write up the entries, especially if English is not your first language.  Don't forget the scholarship.  If you can't afford to come to conference, please apply for the scholarship.  Details appear on the main website and usually entries have to be submitted by the end of April of conference year.  Could it be your turn next year?  I also look forward to submissions for the magazine.  Even if you can't fully write the article, I can help and Mel Hill from Integrity PR will write it up  for you.  Just send it to me.

All that remains is for for me to wish you a safe and happy career and come to Cardiff next year if you can't make Winnipeg this year.

Best Regards,
Julia Jaeger

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Global Summit


Tomorrow we are off to Excel in London to set up the IAWP stand for the PSVI Global Summit.  Follow IAWP on Twitter and I'm on Twitter too at @jaeger_julia .  Do keep in touch!

Looking forward to a great week and meeting William Hague, John Kerry and Angelina Jolie amongst others.  Is a great achievement just to be invited there.